August '98

8/29/98 Sunshine Daydream. Mays Landing, NJ
Help on the way / Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower> Cosmic Charley, Down the Road, Unbroken Chain> Eilat> Unbroken Chain(reprise), Here Comes Sunshine, That's it for the Other One> Sugar Magnolia
8/27/98 7 Willow Street. Port Chester, NY
Set 1 How Sweet it is, Down the Road, Greatest Story Ever Told, Arise> drums> jam> Candyman, Eilat, Unbroken Chain> Ripple> Unbroken Chain(reprise)> China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider Set 2 Dark Star> Mind Left Body Jam> Dark Star> El Paso> Sing Me Back Home> Sugar Magnolia> Calliope> Warm Heart> Done is Done, St. Stephen> Hard to Handle> Dark Star(reprise)> Hard to Handle(reprise) E: Black Muddy River
8/23/98 House of Blues. Boston, MA * w/ Jen Markard - Vocals
Set 1 Eyes of the World> Arise> drums> Samson and Delilah, Cats Under the Stars*> Body Parts*, Warm Heart> Help on the Way / Slipknot!> New Potato Caboose> Slipknot!(reprise)> Franklin's Tower Set 2 The Music Never Stopped*> Watching the River Flow*, Eilat, Dupree's Diamond Blues*> Calliope> Down the Road, That's it for the Other One> Days Between> Around and Around E: The Weight*> And We Bid You Goodnight*
8/22/98 Zenfest II. Westhampton, NY
Set 1 Acoustic Take Out Some Insurance On Me, Uncle John's Band, Jack-a-roe, The Monkey and the Engineer, Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out, Don't Do it, Rosalie McFall, You Can't Do That, Abandoned Love, Operator, Been All Around This World, Bird Song> 19th Nervous Breakdown Set 2 Electric The Golden Road, Shakedown Street> jam> Warm Heart> Wharf Rat> Scarlet Begonias> Hard To Handle jam> Twilight> jam> Good Lovin'> My Foot! (Country's Toe jam)> Shakedown Street(reprise) Set 3 Tennessee Jed> Eilat, If I Only Had a Brain, Terrapin Station, Drop the Big One, Stairway to Gilligan's Island, Russian Lullaby, Mercy Mercy Mercy, Alaska, Better Off Without a Wife, Whipping Post> Mountain Jam> Low Spark of High Heeled Boys, The Last Meal, Wichita Lineman, Smoke on the Water, Rock-n-Roll Hoochie Coo, I Don't Know You, Portland Woman> Watcha Gonna Do, Dirty Business E: Black Muddy River
8/21/98 Mexicali Blues. Teaneck, NJ
Set 1 Sugar Magnolia> Loser, Mother Found a Gun, Down the Road, Dear Prudence, Beat it on Down the Line, Warm Heart> Not Fade Away> Death Don't Have No Mercy> Sunshine Daydream Set 2 Ripple, Minglewood Blues, Say That I Am> Pride of Cucamonga, Eilat, Row Jimmy< Lay Your Love> Morning Dew
8/18/98 The Box. Nantucket, MA
Set 1 The Music Never Stopped> Sugaree> The Music Never Stopped(reprise), Down the Road, Eilat, Black Throated Wind, Lay Your Love> The Other One> Cosmic Charley> Might as Well Set 2 Don't Ease Me In, Goin' Down Slow> Truckin'> It's My Own Fault, Waiting for a Miracle, Estimated Prophet> Terrapin Station> St. Stephen
8/17/98 The Box. Nantucket, MA
Set 1 Cumberland Blues, Body Parts, Jack Straw> It takes a lot to Laught It takes a Train to Cry, Arise> Victim of Circumstance> Mason's Children> Not Fade Away> Samson and Delilah Set 2 Feel Like a Stranger, Calliope, Loose Lucy, My Babe, China Cat Sunflower> New Potato Caboose> I Know You Rider E: Quinn the Eskimo
8/9/98 Cumberland's. Charleston, SC
Set 1 Shakedown Street, Who Are You...Really?> Say That I Am, Mexicali Blues, Down the Road, Playing in the Band> If I Had the World to Give> China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider Set 2 Might as Well> Greatest Story Ever Told, Not Quite Enough> The Maker> Scarlet Begonias> Goin' Down Slow> Let it Grow> Don't Let Go> Space> Turn On Your Lovelight E: Black Muddy River
8/8/98 Dunham's Radio Show Z93. Atlanta, GA
The Thrill is Gone, Man Smart, T.V. Crazy, Bird Song> Space> Sing Me Back Home> Down the Road, Unbroken Chain> Warm Heart> Mona
8/8/98 Piedmont Park. Atlanta, GA
St. Stephen> The Eleven> Eilat, Rubin and Cherise> Arise> drums> Body Parts, Mission in the Rain, Calliope> Dark Star> Eyes of the World> Comes a Time> Viola Lee Blues E: The Golden Road> And We Bid You Goodnight
8/7/98 Jack Straw's. Charlotte, NC
Set 1 Mississippi Half Step> Wharf Rat> Eilat, Warm Heart> All Along the Watchtower, Done is Done, He's Gone> Truckin'> Terrapin Station Set 2 The Harder They Come, Hoodoo, Mama Tried, Goin' Down Slow> jam> New Speedway Boogie> It's My Own Fault, Sugar Magnolia
8/1/98 (PM) Wetlands Preserve. New York, NY Jerry's Birthday w/ Brian Melvin - Electronic Percussion * - w/ Alexis Thomason - Vocal
Set 1 Scarlet Begonias> Hard to Handle> The Eleven> Hard To Handle(reprise)> Scarlet Begonias(reprise), Down the Road, Ship of Fools, Done is Done, Uncle John's Band> drums> Goin' Down Slow> space> Uncle John's Band(reprise)> New Potato Caboose> Might as Well Set 2 Viola Lee Blues> To Lay me Down, Love Me Like a Man*, Warm Heart> Shakedown Street> drums> Don't Let Go> space> Say That I Am> Standing on the Moon> One More Saturday Night E: Brokedown Palace
8/1/98 (Afternoon) South Street Seaport. New York, NY Jerry's Birthday
China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider> Body Parts, Tennessee Jed, Arise> drums> Eilat> Unbroken Chain> Eyes of the World> Mountains of the Moon> The Other One> Unbroken Chain(reprise)> Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad E: Cumberland Blues