February 2002

2/28/02 SLO Brewing Co. San Luis Obispo, CA
Set 1 Shakedown Street> The Idea> Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, Skin It Back, Not Quite Enough> Unbroken Chain> Warm Heart> Jam> Mission in the Rain> Reno Set 2 That's What I'm Talkin' About> Scarlet Begonias> Let It Grow> Easy Wind, Say That I Am> Not Dark Yet> I Know You Rider
2/27/02 Last Day Saloon. San Francisco, CA *w/Steve Ramirez (former ZT)-bass
Travelin' Light> Jam> Terrapin Station> Lay Your Love> Done is Done, Patience, St. Stephen> The Eleven> Stella Blue> Eilat, Bird Song*> Highway 61 Revisited*
2/26/02 Sweetwater. Mill Valley, CA acoustic show w/Barry Sless (David Nelson Band)-pedal steel guitar
Set 1 Dark Hollow, Shine Your Light, Watching the River Flow, I Shall Believe, Box of Rain, Trouble in Mind, Goin' Down Slow> Jam> Light of Life> To Lay Me Down, Mr. Soul Set 2 Dire Wolf, Down the Road, Gomorrah, Deep Elem Blues, Friend and Partner, Rosalie McFall, The Idea> The One, Till the Morning Comes> Jam> Attics of my Life (instrumental), From Above E: Black Muddy River
2/24/02 Trax. Bend, OR
Set 1 Hey Pocky Way, Talk of the Town> Jam> Eyes of the World> Light of Life> Fire On the Mountain> Looks Like Rain, Warm Heart> Jam> Visions of Johanna> Eilat Set 2 Mother Found a Gun> Jam> Around and Around, Where You Want to Be> Got a Light?, Ain't It Crazy, The Idea> The Other One> Alligator> Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad E: Ripple
2/23/02 River City Saloon. Hood River, OR
Set 1 Travelin Light> Jam> Man Smart, Nite and Day, Loser, Mr. Soul, China Cat Sunflower> Lay Your Love> Black Peter> I Know You Rider Set 2 Reno, Mama Tried, Patience, Casey Jones> Down the Road, Not Fade Away> Terrapin Station> Fat Angel> Done is Done E: Box of Rain
2/22/02 Tommy's Nightclub. Seattle, WA
Set 1 (acoustic) Deep Elem Blues, Mother Found a Gun> Jam> When I Paint My Masterpiece, That's All> Bird Song> One More Cup of Coffee> Light of Life> Bird Song (reprise) Set 2 (electric) Jack Straw> Drownin', Watching the River Flow, Samson and Delilah, The Idea> The One> Help On the Way/Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower Set 3 From Above, Althea, Black Throated Wind, Till the Morning Comes> Jam> Hoodoo, Promised Land E: Hard to Handle
2/21/02 WOW Hall. Eugene, OR
Set 1 Viola Lee Blues, Skin It Back, Cassidy, Down the Road, Not Quite Enough> Shakedown Street> Imagine> Got a Light?> Shakedown Street (reprise)> Deal Set 2 That's What I'm Talkin' About> Body Parts> Shine Your Light, Dark Star> Lay Your Love> Jam> Stella Blue> Say That I Am> Throwing Stones> Mona
2/20/02 Crystal Ballroom. Portland, OR
Arise> Saint of Circumstance, Nite and Day, Terrapin Station> The Idea> Scarlet Begonias> The Eleven> Eilat E: From Above> St. Stephen> Reno> And We Bid You Goodnight
2/18/02 The Blue Heron. Missoula, MT
Set 1 Travelin' Light> Jam> Going Down the Road Feeling Bad> Body Parts, Pride of Cucamonga, Warm Heart> Jam> Light of Life> Help On the Way/Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower> Say That I Am Set 2 From Above, Loser, Been all Around this World, Skin it Back, Patience, Uncle John's Band> Drums> Done is Done, Not Fade Away> Attics of My Life> Turn On Your Lovelight E: Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
2/16/02 Quixote's True Blue. Denver, CO
Set 1 Got a Light?> Saint of Circumstance, Arise, They Love Each Other, Baby What You Want Me to Do?, Mother Found a Gun> Jam> The Idea> St. Stephen> The Eleven> Eilat Set 2 Down the Road> Bertha, That's What I'm Talkin' About, Nite and Day, Dark Star> Tomorrow Never Knows> Lay Your Love> Jam> Eyes of the World> Morning Dew E: Reno
2/9/02 Tribeca Blues. New York, NY *w/Jen Markard-vocal
Set 1 (acoustic) On the Road Again, Shine Your Light, Midnight Moonlight, Mother Found a Gun> Jam> Devil's Dream> Mountain's of the Moon> Jam> Attics of My Life> Light of Life> Folsom Prison Blues Set 2 (electric) Arise, Cumberland Blues, Fever*, Blinding Light, Loser, Travelin' Light> Jam> Not Fade Away*> Stella Blue> Reno Set 3 Warm Heart> Jam> Eleanor Rigby> Wharf Rat> Silvio*, Patience, Ain't It Crazy, Estimated Prophet> Eilat> Sugar Magnolia E: Alligator> Brokedown Palace
2/2/02 Tammany Hall. Worcester, MA
Set 1 Travelin' Light> Jam> Gospel Jam> Help on the Way/Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower, Reno, From Above, They Love Each Other, Lay Your Love> Jam> Who Knows Jam> Playing in the Band> Viola Lee Blues Set 2 Nite and Day, That's All, Saint of Circumstance, I Shall Believe> Gomorrah, Hoodoo, Don't Let Go> Arise> Drums> Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
2/1/02 The Stone Pony. Asbury Park, NJ
Set 1 Got a Light?, Althea, Down the Road, Hell in a Bucket, Goin' Down Slow> Jam> Light of Life> Scarlet Begonias> Looks Like Rain Set 2 Expressway to Your Heart, Skin It Back, Pride of Cucamonga> Drownin'> Mother Found a Gun> Jam> The Other One> Tore Up Over You E: Shakedown Street