February 2003

2/28/03 Tammany Hall. Worcester, MA ZTAT #37 *w/Mark Mercier (Max Creek)-keyboard
Ring of Fire, Down the Road, Stop That Train, Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair, Mama Tried*, Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!*, Waiting For a Sign, Travelin' Light> The Wheel> Sleepwalking> Terrapin Station, Hand Me Down My Walking Cane*, Eyesight to the Blind*, Cumberland Blues*> Good Lovin'*, Light Up Or Leave Me Alone*> Sugar Magnolia*
2/26/03 Castaways. Ithaca, NY ZTAT #36 *w/Charlie Mayer (The Lost Sailors)-keyboard
Set 1 Last Ten Years> Tennessee Plates, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Talk of the Town> Jam> Wharf Rat*> Promised Land*, No One Said It'd Be Easy, Six Feet of Snow, Dark Hollow, Eyes of the World> Reno Set 2 Light of Life> The Eleven> Mr. Soul, Gomorrah*, All Night Long Blues, Samson and Delilah, (Up Against the Wall) Redneck Mother, Uncle John's Band*> Tangled Up in Blue*
2/16/03 Cervante's Masterpiece. Denver, CO ZTAT #35 The Zen Tricksters performed as "PonyBoy McCool and the Sign of the Crypt Band" All guests are members of Dark Star Orchestra performing as "Terrapin Nation" *w/Rob Eaton-vocal and guitar and Scott Larned-melodica **w/Rob, Scott, Lisa Mackey-background vocal, Rob Koritz and Dino English-drums & percussion ***w/Lisa-lead vocal, Scott-keys, & Dino and Rob K.-drums & percussion +w/Dino and Rob K.-drums & percussion ++w/John Kadlecik-electric guitar, Scott-keys, Dino & Rob K.-drums & percussion +++w/John, Scott, Dino, Rob K., and w/Rob E. and Lisa-background vocals
W.S. Walcott Medicine Show, Overseas Stomp (Lindy), Winin' Boy Blues, Going Going Gone, Silver Threads and Golden Needles*, Walk In the Sunshine**, I'll Be With Thee***, White Rabbit***, Sitting in Limbo***, Doin' That Rag+> Unbroken Chain+, Tennessee Plates, Goin' Down Slow> Jam++> Rosemary++> The Golden Road+++
2/15/03 Boulder Theater. Boulder, CO ZTAT #34 *w/Dino English (Dark Star Orchestra)-drums **w/Dino-drums, Scott Larned (DSO)-melodica, & John Kadlecik (DSO)-mandolin ***w/Scott-medodica ****w/Dino, Scott, John, Rob Koritz (DSO)-percussion & Lisa Mackey (DSO)-harmony vocal
No One Said It'd Be Easy> Shine Your Light, Mountains of the Moon*> Jam*> Mason's Children*, All Night Long Blues**, Sleepwalking***, My Sisters and Brothers****
2/14/03 Boulder Theater. Boulder, CO ZTAT #33 *w/John Kadlecik (Dark Star Orchestra)-mandolin
Talk of the Town> Jam> Light of Life> The Eleven> I'll Take a Melody, Hand Me Down My Walking Cane*, Eilat
2/13/03 Acoustic Coffeehouse. Nederland, CO ZTAT #32
Set 1 Last Ten Years, Overseas Stomp (Lindy), It Must Have Been the Roses, All Night Long Blues, Accidentally Like a Martyr, Operator, Louis Collins, Sleepwalking> The Maker> Sleepwalking (reprise)> The Other One> Eleanor Rigby> The Other One (reprise)> Eilat Set 2 Rubin and Cherise, The Dean Street Mess Around, High Horse, Peach Picking Time in Georgia, If I Had the World To Give, Goin' Down Slow> Not Dark Yet, Hand Me Down My Walking Cane, Terrapin Station> St. Stephen> The Shape I'm In
2/12/03 Dulcinea's 100th Monkey. Denver, CO ZTAT #31
Set 1 No One Said It’d Be Easy, Dark Hollow, Run for the Roses, Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair, Drownin’, Jack Straw, All Night Long Blues, Dark Star> Light of Life> Dark Star (reprise)> Sing Me Back Home> Say That I Am Set 2 Absolutely Sweet Marie, Box of Rain, Pretty Boy Floyd, Down the Road, The Monkey and the Engineer, Loose Lucy, Brown Eyed Women, Tennessee Plates, Looks Like Rain, Visions of Johanna, Reno
2/11/03 Utopia Cafe. Colorado Springs, CO ZTAT #30 *1st ever performance
Set 1 Travelin' Light> Jam> Candyman, Hesitation Blues, Last Ten Years> Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again, Trouble in Mind, Dire Wolf, Sleepwalking> Going Going Gone> Sleepwalking (reprise), Cassidy, Eilat Set 2 W.S. Walcott Medicine Show> Shine Your Light, Easy Wind, The Dean Street Mess Around, Man Smart, That's All, Viola Lee Blues> Up On Cripple Creek> Viola Lee Blues (reprise), Can't Be Satisfied*, Deep Elem Blues, No One Said It'd Be Easy> Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
2/8/03 Levelz. Steamboat Springs, CO ZTAT #29
Set 1 Sleepwalking, On the Road Again, Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out, Hoodoo, Lazy River Road, Scarlet Begonias> Light of Life> Last Ten Years> Mountains of the Moon> Visions of Johanna> Franklin's Tower Set 2 Down the Road, Beat It On Down the Line, Kinfolk in Carolina, Waiting for a Sign, Highway 61 Revisited, All Night Long Blues, Unbroken Chain> Uncle John's Band> China Doll> Mystery Train E: Mr. Soul
2/7/03 Double Diamond. Aspen, CO ZTAT #28
Set 1 I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, Unbroken Chain, Winin' Boy Blues, No One Said It'd Be Easy, Iko Iko, Accidentally Like a Martyr, Down the Road, Dark Hollow, Tennessee Plates, Terrapin Station> Reno Set 2 Talk of the Town, All Night Long Blues, Gomorrah, Let It Bleed, High Horse, Brown Eyed Women, Hand Me Down My Walking Cane, My Sisters and Brothers, Samson and Delilah, China Cat Sunflower> The One> I Know You Rider E: Ring of Fire
2/6/03 Quixote's True Blue. Denver, CO ZTAT #27 *1st ever performance **w/Tommy Garbelotto-guitar, vocal
Set 1 Last Ten Years> Bird Song> Light of Life> W.S. Walcott Medicine Show, Me and Bobby McGee, Good Shepherd, Waiting For a Sign, Talk of the Town> Jam> Mason's Children> Jam> Wharf Rat> Eilat Set 2 All Night Long Blues, Twilight, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Hand Me Down My Walking Cane*, One More Cup of Coffee**, No One Said It'd Be Easy, I'll Take a Melody, Sleepwalking, The Other One> Rosemary> The Other One (reprise)> Cumberland Blues
2/2/03 Frankie's. Toledo, OH ZTAT #26
Set 1 All Night Long Blues, Box of Rain, Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair, Mother Found a Gun> Jam> Light of Life> Jack-A-Roe, Samson and Delilah, Talk of the Town> Cassidy, Moonlight Mile, Done is Done Set 2 The Thrill is Gone, Absolutely Sweet Marie, No One Said It'd Be Easy, Saint of Circumstance, Down the Road, Good Shepherd, Black Peter, Jack Straw, Travelin' Light> Jam> The Wheel> Ring of Fire E: Reno> Brokedown Palace
2/01/03 Bogart's. Cincinnati, OH ZTAT #25 *w/John Kadlecik (Dark Star Orchestra)-mandolin, Scott Larned (DSO)-melodica, & Rob Koritz (DSO)-drums **w/John Kadlecik, Scott Larned, Rob Koritz, & Lisa Mackey (DSO)-vocals
Talk of the Town> Jam> Light of Life> Rubin and Cherise, Last Ten Years, Russian Lullaby*, I'll Be With Thee**, Folsom Prison Blues*