February 2004

2/28/04 The Rongovian Embassy. Trumansburg, NY w/Dave Diamond (former ZT)-drums, vocals *w/Charlie Mayer (former Lost Sailor)-keys
Set 1 Here Comes Sunshine, All Night Long Blues, The Harder They Come, Shine Your Light, The Ballad of John & Yoko, Black Throated Wind*, Lay Your Love> Jam> New Potato Caboose> Leave Me Out of This Set 2 A Prisoner Says His Piece, Dark Star> Light of Life> Samson & Delilah, Not Quite Enough, Next Time You See Me, I Want You (She's So Heavy)> The Squid> China Cat Sunflower*> I Know You Rider* E: Reno> Black Muddy River E2: Alligator*
2/27/04 Corner Pocket Cafe. Orange, CT w/Dave Diamond (former ZT)-drums
Set 1 Mr. Charlie, Last Ten Years> Body Parts, Mother Found a Gun, Doin' That Rag> Bertha, Talk of the Town> Jam> One More Cup of Coffee> Sugar Magnolia Set 2 Sleepwalking> Unbroken Chain, Leave Me Out of This> Terrapin Station> Sleepwalking (reprise) E: Around and Around
2/25/04 The Conduit. Trenton, NJ W/ Rich Kulsar (former ZT)- drums This show was dedicated to the speedy recovery of our good friend Gypsy Bob
Set 1 Absolutely Sweet Marie, No One Said It'd Be Easy, Brown Eyed Women, All Night Long Blues, Shine Your Light, Body Parts, Mountains of the Moon> Love and Only Love> Playing in the Band Set 2 Rain> Jam> Not Fade Away> Warm Heart> Jam> The Wheel> Good Lovin'
2/21/04 Tammany Hall. Worcester, MA w/Dave Diamond (former ZT)-drums
Light of Life> The Music Never Stopped, The Banks of the Ohio, Last Ten Years, Dear Prudence, A Prisoner Says His Piece, Shakedown Street, Leave Me Out of This, Not Quite Enough> The Ballad of John and Yoko, St. Dominic's Preveiw, St. Stephen> The Eleven> Say That I Am E: Promised Land> Ripple
2/20/04 Ramapo Valley Brewery. Suffern, NY w/Dave Diamond (former ZT)-drums, vocal *w/Joe Ciarvella- drums
Set 1 Cleaning Windows, Loose Lucy, Where You Want to Be, Last Ten Years> Jam> Light of Life> Tennessee Plates, Unbroken Chain> Fire on the Mountain> Unbroken Chain (reprise) Set 2 Warm Heart*> Eyes of the World*, Hoodoo, Mama Tried, Lay Your Love> Jam> The Other One> Sing Me Back Home> Eilat E: Cosmic Charley> Reno
2/14/04 Cortina Valley. Tannersville, NY First Thirst Valentine's Day Madcap Lingerie Ball w/Rich Kulsar (former ZT)-drums
Love and Only Love, How Sweet It Is, All Night Long Blues, Body Parts, They Love Each Other, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, No One Said It'd Be Easy, Scarlet Begonias, Man Smart> Mason's Children> Warm Heart> Jam> Face of Love> Done is Done, If I Had the World to Give> Sugar Magnolia E: Ring of Fire
2/13/04 Sully's Pub. Hartford, CT w/Rich Kulsar (former ZT)-drums
Watching the River Flow> I Want To See the Bright Lights Tonight> Up On Cripple Creek, Last Ten Years> Jam> Bird Song, Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!, High Horse, W.S. Walcott Medicine Show, It Must Have Been the Roses, Cassidy, Sleepwalking> Cumberland Blues> Henry> Cumberland Blues (reprise)> Sleepwalking (reprise), Estimated Prophet> Uncle John's Band> Done Is Done E: Quinn the Eskimo
2/7/04 Wilbert's. Cleveland, OH w/Dave Diamond (former ZT)-drums, vocal
Set 1 Eilat, Jack Straw, Look Out Cleveland, Where You Want to Be, Not Quite Enough> Help On the Way/Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower> Light of Life> Tennessee Plates Set 2 Let It Grow, In My Life, High Horse, A Prisoner Says His Piece, Unbroken Chain, Tennessee Jed, Rain> Shine Your Light, One More Saturday Night E: Box of Rain
2/6/04 Notre Dame University. South Bend, IN w/Dave Diamond (former ZT)-drums, vocal
Sleepwalkimg> Ring of Fire> Sleepwalking (reprise), Unbroken Chain, Last Ten Years> Jam> Light of Life> Lay Your Love> Jam> Terrapin Station> Shakedown Street E: The Ballad of John and Yoko
2/5/04 The Patio. Indianapolis, IN w/Dave Diamond (former ZT)-drums
Talk of the Town> Jam> Light of Life> Rubin and Cherise, You Angel You, All Night Long Blues, Leave Me Out of This, Candyman, Warm Heart> Jam> Shine Your Light, Eyes of the World> Playing In the Band> Morning Dew> Eilat E: Cleaning Windows
2/4/04 Peach's Grill. Yellow Springs, OH w/Dave Diamond (former ZT)-drums, vocal
Set 1 W.S. Walcott Medicine Show, Ramble On Rose, Last Ten Years> Jam> Tennessee Plates, Travelin' Light> Jam> Say That I Am, Truckin'> Jam> Stella Blue> Reno Set 2 The Harder They Come, Down the Road, Sleepwalking> Saint of Circumstance> Sleepwalking (reprise), Crazy Cowboy Dream, Where You Want to Be, I Want You (She's So Heavy)> The Other One> Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad E: It's All Over Now Baby Blue