February '98

2/28/98 Wow Hall. Eugene, OR
Set 1 Here Comes Sunshine> Calliope> Down the Road, China Cat Sunflower> Hey Pocky Way, Where You Want to Be, Where You Want to Be, Playing in the Band> Days Between> I Know You Rider Set 2 Uncle John's Band> Arise, St. Stephen> The Eleven> Morning Dew
2/27/98 Russell's. Bellingham, WA
Shakedown Street> Arise, Estimated Prophet> Hoodoo, Stop That Train, Unbroken Chain> Call of the Wild> Not Fade Away> Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
2/26/98 The Showbox Theatre. Seattle, WA
Set 1 Scarlet Begonias> Man Smart, Mother Found a Gun, Easy Wind> Tennessee Jed> Calliope, Dark Star> Lay Your Love> Morning Dew Set 2 Feel Like a Stranger, Down the Road, Waiting for a Miracle> Body Parts, Alligator> Stella Blue> Around and Around E: St. Stephen> The Golden Road
2/25/98 Monet's Garden. Bend, OR
Set 1 Cold Rain and Snow, Hoodoo, Casey Jones, Done is Done, Black Throated Wind, Victim of Circumstance, He's Gone> Truckin'> Viola Lee Blues Set 2 New Speedway Boogie, Blinding Light> Let it Grow> He Was a Friend of Mine> Sugar Magnolia E: Cosmic Charley E2: Mr. Charlie
2/24/98 Crystal Ballroom. Portland, OR Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Celebration * w/ John Dwork - Harmonic Overtone singing
Set 1 Space> Hey Pocky Way> Body Parts, Rubin and Cherise, Say That I Am, Pride of Cucamonga, Cryptical Envelopment> The Other One> Comes a Time> The Other One jam> Tangled Up in Blue Set 2 Mardi Gras Parade> Iko-Iko> Lay Your Love> drums> Sympathy for the Devil, Mission in the Rain, Down the Road, New Potato Caboose> Calliope> Space*> Eyes of the World> China Doll> Turn on Your Lovelight E: Thank You Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin> The Other One(reprise)> Brokedown Palace E2: U.S. Blues
2/22/98 Sweetwater. Mill Valley, CA Acoustic Show * w/ Steve Ramires - Bass ** w/ Jeff Tobey - Blues Harp
Set 1 Deep Elem Blues, El Paso, Down the Road, Dark Hollow, Who Are you...Really?, Jack-a-roe, Where You Want to Be, Mountains of the Moon> Sing Me Back Home> Folsom Prison Blues** Set 2 Friend of the Devil, Body Parts, Lazy River Road, Operator**, That's All, Hesitation Blues, The Hobo Song, Not Quite Enough, Bird Song*> Midnight Moonlight* E: Ripple
2/21/98 Maritime Hall. San Fransisco, CA
The Zen Tricksters joined David Gans at the end of his set for: Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, Honey Dew> China Cat Sunflower> Hooker River Set 1 The Music Never Stopped, Arise, Rubin and Cherise, Done is Done, Unbroken Chain> Shine Your Light, Help on the Way / Slipknot!> Comes a Time> Slipknot!(reprise)> Franklin's Tower Mardigras Parade> Set 2 Iko-Iko> Samson and Delilah, Say That I Am, Terrapin Station(complete)
2/20/98 Palookaville. Santa Cruz, CA
Set 1 Jack Straw, Mother Found a Gun, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Victim of Circumstance> That's All, Scarlet Begonias> The Eleven> Mission in the Rain> The Promised Land Set 2 Mason's Children> Body Parts, Calliope> Cumberland Blues> The Other One> Visions of Johanna
2/19/98 Legend's Lounge. Las Vegas, NV
Set 1 Doin' That Rag> Loser, Where You Want to Be, Deep Elem Blues, Warm Heart> Eyes of the World> China Doll> Deal Set 2 Loose, Lucy, Calliope, Lazy River Road, Hoodoo, Pride of Cucamonga, Playing in the Band> Lay Your Love> Dear Prudence> Greatest Story Ever Told E: Cassidy, Brokedown Palace
2/15/98 Joe's. Chicago, IL
Set 1 Shakedown Street, Body Parts, El Paso, Shine Your Light> Arise, St. Stephen> The Eleven> Days Between> Bertha Set 2 Here Comes Sunshine> It's Not Too Late Jake, Iko-Iko, Say That I Am, Pride of Cucamonga, Down the Road, Dark Star> New Potato Caboose> Deal E: Cosmic Charley
2/14/98 Club Soda. Kalamazoo, MI
Set 1 Sugar Magnolia> They Love Each Other, Victim of Circumstance, Eyesight to the Blind, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Lay Your Love> Not Fade Away> If I Had the World to Give> Turn on Your Lovelight Set 2 Foolish Heart> Shine Your Light, How Sweet it is, Drownin', Big River, Hard to Handle> Don't Let Go> One More Saturday Night
2/14/98 Magic Bag. Detroit, MI
Set 1 Feel Like a Stranger, Ramble on Rose, Not Quite Enough> Arise, Rubin and Cherise, Where You Want to Be, Mason's Children> jam> Comes A Time> Samson and Delilah Set 2 Help on the Way / Slipknot!> The Eleven> Slipknot!(reprise)> Franklin's Tower E: The Golden Road
2/12/98 Small Planet. East Lansing, MI
Set 1 China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider, Down the Road, Jack-a-roe, Mr. Charlie> Warm Heart> Truckin'> Standing on the Moon> Viola Lee Blues Set 2 Cryptical Envelopment> The Other One> Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad> The Other One(reprise)> Cryptical Envelopment(reprise)
2/11/98 Wilbert's. Cleveland, OH
Set 1 Mississippi Half Step> The Music Never Stopped, Arise, Row Jimmy, Hoodoo, Mother Found a Gun, Scarlet Begonias> Stella Blue> Fire on the Mountain Set 2 Terrapin Station(complete), Down the Road, Mama Tried, Pride of Cucamonga, Calliope> Say That I Am, Playing in the Band> Not Fade Away> Visions of Johanna> Sugar Magnolia E: Quinn the Eskimo
2/10/98 Rosebud. Pittsburgh, PA
Set 1 Help on the Way / Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower, Victim of Circumstance, Cumberland Blues, Calliope, Unbroken Chain> St. Stephen> Morning Dew Set 2 Uncle John's Band> It's Not Too Late Jake, Pride of Cucamonga, Done is Done, Man Smart, Bird Song> Lay Your Love> space> Around and Around E: The Wheel