November 2000

11/25/00 The Downtown. Farmingdale, NY 2nd set w/Jimmy Halperin-soprano sax *w/Tom Circosta-guitar, vocals **w/Tom Circosta-guitar, vocal and Wendy Lanter-vocal
Set 1 Talk of the Town> In a World of...> Samson and Delilah> Dupree's Diamond Blues, Fire in the Kitchen, Shakedown Street> Jam> The Face of Love Jam> Playing in the Band*> Light of Life> Viola Lee Blues Set 2 Spirit Set Free> Not Fade Away> Jam> Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad, Uncle John's Band*> Cassidy**, Statesboro Blues
11/24/00 The Downtown. Farmingdale, NY *w/Miso Honei Horns (Jordan Katz-trumpet, Pete Baione-tenor sax, Aaron Wolf-alto sax), 1 w/Billy Titus-guitar, 2 w/Andy Aledort-guitar, 3 w/Andy Aledort & Dave Berg-guitars, 4 w/Tom Circosta-guitar & vocals
Set 1 Never Say Die> Warm Heart> Visions of Johanna> China Cat Sunflower> Lay Your Love> I Know You Rider> Where You Want to Be*1> Comin' Back to You*1> Eyes of the World*2> That's What Love Will Make You Do*3 Set 2 Meow Man*, Mexicali Blues*4, Black Throated Wind*4, Sacrifice*, Help on the Way/Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower, This Time*> Jam*> Maggot Brain*2> Johnny B. Goode*2
11/22/00 Tammany Hall. Worcester, MA *w/Miso Honei Horns-Jordan Katz-trumpet, Aaron Wolf-sax
Set 1 Arise, Mr. Charlie, Mississippi Half Step, Fire In The Kitchen, This Time*> Jam*> St. Stephen pt.1> Bird Song> St. Stephen pt.2> Light of Life> Not Fade Away> St. Stephen pt.3> Comin' Back to You* Set 2 Where You Want to Be*, Hey Pocky Way*, Sacrifice*, Althea, Down the Road, Goin' Down Slow> The Face of Love Jam> The Eleven> Tangled Up In Blue
11/17/00 University of Alabama. Tuscaloosa, AL
Set 1 Where You Want to Be> Bertha, Body Parts, Beat It On Down the Line, Fire in the Kitchen, Iko-Iko, Me and Bobby McGee, She Had Dreams, Playing in the Band> Scarlet Begonias> Comin' Back to You Set 2 China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider, Say That I Am, Spirit Set Free> Jam> Shakedown Street> Good Lovin'/La Bamba Jam> Light of Life> Meow Man> Fire on the Mountain, Man Smart
11/16/00 The Elbow Room. Columbia, SC
The Face of Love Jam> Lay Your Love> Jam> Samson and Delilah, Down the Road, Althea> In a World of...> Meow Man, Hard to Handle, Goin' Down Slow> Jam> Drum Duet> St. Stephen> Morning Dew, Jack-a-Roe, This Time> Jam> Light of Life> Eyes of the World> Fixing a Hole E: I'm Ready
11/15/00 Cumberland's. Charleston, SC
Set 1 Sacrifice, Mama Tried, Talk of the Town> Jam> Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad, Never Say Die> Jam> That's Alright Mama, Dark Star> Meow Man> Not Fade Away> Dark Star v.1> Done is Done Set 2 Help on the Way/Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower> Comin' Back to You> Reno, Easy Wind, Warm Heart> Jam> Say That I Am, Love the One You're With
11/11/00 Big Apple Bluegrass 2000. Westbeth Theatre. NY, NY w/Peter Rowan-acoustic guitar & vocals, Bill Keith-banjo, Kenny Kosek-fiddle, Buddy Cage-pedal steel, Todd Collins-mandolin, Andy Leftwich-mandolin, Jen Markard-vocals, Valerie Smith-vocals, Pam Bertoli-vocals
She Had Dreams, Deep Elem Blues, Panama Red> Blue Moon of Kentucky, The Hobo Song, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
11/3/00 The Stoned Monkey. Huntington, WV no Jason
Set 1 She Had Dreams, Cold Rain and Snow, Where You Want to Be, Sugaree, Drownin'> Body Parts, Mexicali Blues, Travelin' Light> Jam> Help on the Way/Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower Set 2 Sacrifice> Tangled Up in Blue, Never Say Die> Jam> Eyes of the World> Allman's Jam> St. Stephen, Goin' Down Slow> Can't Find My Way Home> China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider
11/2/00 Phoenix Hill Tavern. Louisville, KY no Jason
Comin' Back to You> Scarlet Begonias> Arise> Not Fade Away> In a World Of...> Body Parts, They Love Each Other< Warm Heart> Jam> The Eleven> One More Cup of Coffee> Viola Lee Blues> Reno
11/1/00 Lynagh's. Lexington, KY no Jason
Set 1 Never Say Die> Jam> Bird Song> This Time> Jam> Hey Pocky Way, Down the Road, Mississippi Half Step, Sacrifice> Talk of the Town> Jam> The Other One> Morning Dew Set 2 Shakedown Street, Spirit Set Free, Playing in the Band> Lay Your Love> Fire on the Mountain